NaPoKniga is a transliteration of the Bulgarian "На по книга", which is a play on the phrase "На по бира" which is kind of a known phrase meaning "to sit and drink beer with a friend". NaPoKniga means "to sit and read a book with a friend". The logo now makes sense! It is a website about exchanging books!

NaPoKniga is a project by me and a friend of mine, who came up with the idea for a National IT competition in Bulgaria while we were still in school. I was doing the programming, he was doing the marketing and graphics.

The idea is that users sign up and add the books they have. Then they search for books they would like to read and message the owner of the book. Then the owner looks through the requester's books and finds one they would like to read. When they are both happy, they send each other their books.

We participated in this competition for two consecutive years. The first year we made the core functionality, the next year we redesigned the graphics and made major optimizations.


  • CRUD operations on for books
  • User rating system to prevent fraud
  • Search by several criteria and filters
  • Real-time messaging
  • Notifications
  • Admin capabilities
  • Personalized profile page
  • Avatar and profile cover with crop functionality

Technologies and tools

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • CodeIgniter

Unfortunately, as it is not a sustainable business, we couldn't afford to keep it running as we were still poor high-schoolers. Eventually, our domain expired and the project got forgotten. The best I can currently provide are some screenshots.