Lazy Digest

LazyDigest is a custom news feed which lets users choose their interests and categorize them in groups, and show news only about those topics, while other apps make users choose a vague category and show all kinds of news which are barely related.

When users sign up, they have to create a Keyword Set which is like a folder of keywords. When they open their feed, they have to choose which Keyword Set they want to use (or their favorite one is chosen by default). The platform generates their feed, showing newest articles first.

Users are also able to vote on articles (like/dislike system), comment, and bookmark. The mobile UI aims to be gesture-driven where possible. I often find browsing websites on my phone annoying, so I tried to make this one as pleasant as possible.

The best use-case I can think of is the one which made me create the platform - I had invested in some companies and I needed to read news about those companies only. However, most news apps had no such ability and let me choose some vague category like "technology". That's why I created this platform and now I can keep tabs on everything I want to.


  • Customizable feed
  • Bookmarks
  • Comment system
  • User voting system for articles and comments

Technologies and tools

  • HTML
  • CSS ( + TailwindCSS)
  • JavaScript (React)
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • nginx

TypeScript was used for both the frontend and backend.