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Automating Gatsby Plugin Development

October 05, 2019

I love automating things! Automation increases my productivity and I get reproducible results. Human error also gets out of the equation once you have a nice pipeline. Great, right? Yeah, but when…

Fallback fonts - prevent content jumping

September 19, 2019

Loading fonts on the web usually takes some time. During this time, you will either see an unstyled font or not see text at all. This makes your content jump around. Don't you hate it when you are…

Gallery in Gatsby and MDX

September 18, 2019

I needed to implement a gallery in my portfolio section of the website (the one you are reading this on hopefully ), which is built with Gatsby and MDX. I tried a bunch of workarounds and…

Don't SSR private routes!

September 13, 2019

Server-side rendering in React is quite hard as it is. You have to plan and develop your whole application with SSR in mind, and you still can have a rough time setting it up. SSR is great, but it…